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Help regarding K55 RGB and CUE (+ICUE)


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I've recently purchased one of your K55 RGB USB Keyboards and have downloaded the CUE. When I first got it, the keyboard was recognised and I could change the lighting effects perfectly. However now, the keyboard is stuck with the left side on blue and the right on red and it doesn't get detected by the CUE. I have one of your mice too, and that is detected and can be changed but the keyboard can't. I looked at the new early access ICUE and saw the K55 on the compatibility list so yesterday I tried to download that but it doesn't pick it up on that either.


I tried to attach an image of the list of devices its picked up on the ICUE with the keyboard not there but not sure if it worked lol!


I've tried removing the device in task manager and making it download it again and i've tried unplugging, closing the ICUE, waiting 10 seconds, plug it back in but neither seem to work


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