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Is there a straight back lit mode


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KIA KAHA Kiwi-Hawk,

If what you mean by “just straight backlit keys with a colour setting” is what I THINK you mean, then here’s how;

1. Open up your CUE or if you’re using the new iCUE version software, open it up


2. Browse to the folder you want to modify (ie, K95 HW1) and click on it to expose the “ACTIONS”, “PERFORMANCE”, and “LIGHTING” tabs, and click on “LIGHTING” to expand your options buttons (the “+”, the “copy”, the “delete”), and click on the “+” button”)


3. The modifications window will open that will allow you the option choose your light profile, effect, color, gradient...etc etc.


4. Look for the drop-down menu, click on it, and look for the option called “STATIC”, and select it. “STATIC” is the profile name that means one color only.


5. After you’ve selected the “STATIC” option, you will see a circle with a gradient of many different colours. In the center of that circle of colours, you will see a small white ️. At this point your board should be lit up with white light. Place your mouse on top of it, left-click and hold down the mouse button, and drag the circle around to the desired color you want your board to show/glow.


6. Once you found the color you want, let the mouse button go, and your board should now display your desired colour..


7. Lastly, look to the right side of this button and you will see the “SAVE” button.


8. Left-click on the “SAVE” button and a warning will show up something like “WARNING, YOU ARE ABOUT TO OVERWRITE THE CURRENT PROFILE. DO WISH TO PROCEED?”...to which you will click “YES/OK” whatever it is. iCUE will then begin saving your new profile and show you the progress. Depending on how fast your computer is, it takes anywhere from 5 seconds (for my compter) up to 30 seconds, for slower computers.


Don’t let the instructions scare you Kiwi , but since I don’t know how well you know the CUE software, I figure I’d be safe, simplify it, and go step by step. I figure if you’re unfamiliar with CUE, it should take about 1 to 3 minutesto complete that.


But after you do that a few times, you’ll be able to do it in less than 30 seconds...trust me


I just got my K95 Platinum about 3 weeks ago and I’m just getting to know the CUE software myself, but I learn fast. So if you ever have any questions about anything else, hit me up in a pm and I’ll do my best to help, ok mate ?


Until then, Kia Ora, and KIA KAHAAA !!!!!

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