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HXi Out of Stock


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Here's the deal: Miners are grabbing up 1K+ high efficiency PSUs ... along the lines of what enthusiasts would typically use. It usually more than the enthusiast machines need but ... hey, more power, right?

So ... since the miners are grabbing up the 1K+ PSUs, enthusiasts are getting smaller PSUs (more "right sizing" the PSU, so it's not a bad thing). As a result, these are also getting harder to find as the demand for them is far higher than has been historically the case. Manufacturers and retailers have a difficult time gauging the demand to forecast out ... the manufacturers need to reserve production capacity months ahead of time ... and they are (understandably) reluctant to build in the mining demand into their long term forecasts because they don't want to wind up with a bunch of overstocked PSUs when the mining market crashes - which it will, sometime, but who knows when that'll be?

See http://www.tomshardware.com/news/why-high-capacity-psu-prices-are-rising,36593.html for some more details on this.

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