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Cant Install iCue again


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I had a Problem , i started my PC and iCue didnt Detect my Lightning Node Pro Anymore.

Then i deleted it, also deleted the Registry , but now i cant install it Anymore at 60% it Stops and after a while Instalation Fails.

What do i need to Delete that it works Again?


After deleting the Registry my Link works normal so it wont be a USB Driver Problem.


Here also my Log:


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I have fixed it!


Well, it works.


1.When downloading iCue, let it get to 60% and locate where your program files are.


2. Highlight all of the files and transfer them to somewhere you will remember e.g desktop


3. Locate iCue in that new folder and then create a shortcut.


Should work fine and you can exit the installer.


images here, feel free to pm me for questions. Enjoy guys.



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