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Can't get into my account, Can't call support, Can't RMA, what gives?

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Ok, so, to put this shortly, my first issue is that I purchased a dual pack of 140mm RGB fans. I can't remember the model number or the order number off the top of my head, but I do know that I purchased them less than a year ago. So, I was going to sign into my account to view the order. Well, it appears corsair changed their password rules and removed my password, as I know that I didn't change it. I have now reset my password 6 times, 24 hours in between each time, and I still get the error that the email or password is incorrect. So, I decided to call the toll free support line. Well, that didn't work either. I called 3 times on my cell phone, and the agent apparently couldn't hear me. I then called 3 times on my landline. The first time, I think I was connected to another customer (which was very weird, as should that even be possible?) and they still couldn't hear me. The other 2 times, the agent again could not hear me. I then tried calling 3 times on my work phone. And, to no surprise, same issue. The agents can't hear me. Which, being that all 3 of these are separate lines altogether, points towards there being an issue with the call center. As on each of them, I called someone separate myself, and there was no issue with those individuals hearing me on the other end.


So, in summation, I'm at a loss. My fans are screeching and warbling, as if the bearings have given out in less than a year, I can't get the order to request anything because I can't log in to the account, and to submit a ticket, you have to sign in to your account. Even when calling in, the call center can't hear me from multiple different telephone lines. And, I know this is the wrong place to post more than likely, but the support section of the forums just links to the same page that I cannot log in to because I can't seem to access my account, which is a partner account via my employer. This really, really disappoints me, I've always had a high esteem for corsair, but what is going on all of a sudden? And, most importantly to me, can anyone help?

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