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Makros & Mousebuttons stop working


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I recently reinstalled CUE.

Unfortunatley, since then my makro-keys stop working. This happens either at random, or is somehow linked to running fullscreen applications. It's hard to tell, because I can't figure out the exact moment, when the problem occures. Since I use the macros mostly in Fullscreen applications (games & Videoplayback) I am under the impression it is linked, but cant be sure...


What happens is, that all Keyboard (k70lux) keys, mapped with makros and/or other functions aswell as all keys on the mouse (sabre rgb) besides left, right and middle click, simply don't work. Nothing happens. After restarting CUE, everything works fine for a while, until the problem -mysteriously- occures again...



I did multiple reinstalls of CUE software, including erasing of ALL data (besides the drivers). With no change for the better.


Did anyone experience similar problems?



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