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Scimitar Coil Whine


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This is my exact same post from the Corsair /r/ but I though I'd post here, too.


The last 2 weeks I've gotten terrible headaches and I couldn't find any reason. Not dehydrated, not eating anything out of the ordinary, good sleep and all. No matter what, I got headaches every time I used my PC.


I just found out what's the cause: My scimitar. I've had it for around a year now. And I've never had an issue with it, but now it has a coil whine that is headache inducing.


I have tinnitus (ear ringing) and I can still hear the whine from the mouse. (Probably the whine has always been there and the tinnitus was masking it?)It's really driving me crazy.


Doesn't matter if the RGB is on or off, the whine is there but its definitely louder when the RGB is on.


Is this a common issue? Fix? Anything?


It's easily my favorite mouse atm and I'd hate to have to get used to another. Hell, I prefer it over my G900.

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