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Scimitar Malfunctioning in CUE


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Hi all, hoping I can get some advice/help with a few problems I'm having with this mouse. I purchased it 2 days ago, Installed the recommended software for it (CUE 1.16.42) direct from Corsair and had problems with it since. It was working fine, I had all my desired settings sorted out, colours and what not then I powered down my PC (work). Came back to it after work and the mouse is now showing default colours. When looking in CUE it says 'Scimitar Device Malfunction'.


I've tried different USB ports and it works for the first power on with cue not showing any malfunctioning errors but when I turn off my PC and reboot I get the device malfunction in CUE again.


The mouse works and I have a cursor on screen that I can move, even when CUE is saying it's malfunctioning but I've no control of the RGB lighting or button assignments. Because it's working even when cue is reporting a malfunction I don't think this is a dodgy mouse, it could be but I don't think so? So my first thought was that it was because CUE was out of date but I've downloaded and installed the latest version (2.24.35?) and ran into the same problems. Plus for some reason 2.24.35 doesn't have button assignments?


I even tried iCUE out even though it's in early access to see if that helped. It did but as with 2.24.35 it doesn't allow me to assign buttons on the mouse so it's no use to me.


Just to note I also purchased a K70 RGB with the mouse. This works absolutely fine with no problems in CUE 1.16.42 so I'm not sure what's going on.

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Hi Veisenberg,


You'll want to use a newer version of CUE, 1.16.42 is very old. On later versions of CUE, you'll want to create an action first ( go to Actions and click the + to create a new action, define the action, and then you click on the picture of the side button you want to assign it to.


Give this version a try:


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