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Corsair and PC Building Sim

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If anyone hasn't seen it, Corsair and many other manufactures feature their cases, and other items in the PC Building Sim: https://www.pcbuildingsim.com/its-happening-weve-got-corsair-on-board/


While in some cases (no pun intended) the feature set of this game might be overkill. It seems to answer the age old question, "will it fit?" I am glad Corsair and other companies made the decision to support/partner/sponsor/not sue this company as it can be very frustrating to see if things can fit properly into a case. Even if you try to account, sometimes you run into a hurdle of devices hitting each other.


I haven't personally played it, though it looks interesting. I just built my system and at this time I don't think it has the ability to do things like custom loops.

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