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Can't wake Corsair One from sleep


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My Corsair One is set to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. I don't know how to wake it up from sleeping.


After the machine goes to sleep, pressing the power button doesn't do anything.


I need to hold down the power button and the computer turns off completely. Then I hit the power button again to turn it on.


Any help here would be awesome. Thanks!

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I had the same problem. It wasn't occurring every time...once per week maybe.

So now I put it to sleep by pressing the power button instead.

Never had a missed wake up since.


Still... I'd like to know what's causing this on some of the systems.

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You may need to enable wake up on USB in BIOS so that you can wake it with keyboard.


I also disabled hibernate so that it only sleeps. For some reason it didn't return from hibernate 1 times out of 10 and I had to reboot it with a power button.


With just sleep it always wakes without any issues.


powercfg.exe /hibernate off


^ this command will disable hibernate. It will also save you the space on the SSD since the hibernation file keeping the RAM state will no longer appear there.

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