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Need an RMA


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I know I have to ask for assistance in the forums, so here it is. I have had one stick of XMS 3200 512 MB for over 2 years, works flawlessly and passes mem-test 86 with 0 errors.


New stick I just got from RMA has 4 errors on it in mem-test, first new stick i got had over 37 errors.


I'm not sure what happened to the quality of the stick I'm getting... I've always trusted Newegg.com for giving me quality product.


I used the second new stick, with 4 errors on it, anyway, because I'm sick of having to pay shipping back when I paid for the product and shipping in the first place.


I need a stick that works with 0 errors. I just had to reformat again because of this stick.







A7N8X-E Deluxe rev. 2.0 with AMD XP 3200+ cpu

512-1024 MB XMS PC 3200 (black heat sinks)

2x 100GB WD Special Edition HDs

Nvidia 5900 Ultra 256 mb

SB Audigy 2

480 Watt PS

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