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GLAIVE RGB DPI button not working


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My Glaive functioned perfectly until last firmware update. Now the DPI button does not work. I cannot switch DPI and it is not a LED issue. The DPI really does not change. The mouse is just 4 months old so are Corsair products even worse then Logitech?


Same with Scroll Weel what functions like @#$! and cannot be used in gaming at all.


The problem is, it did work perfectly.


Update: When I Close Cue it works perfectly.

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Just noting that I have a similar issue with the new Sabre RGB mouse I just purchased. It does work for a short time, randomly(?), then eventually stops responding.


As they pointed out, quitting the CUE app allows the DPI buttons to work again (although I notice the color modifications I made for the indicators is back to defaults).


Additionally, I have had similar issues with my K70 RGB keyboard that I've had for a long time, now. I never had any issues with it until I updated the CUE software to this "Integrated" version, and now it gets "locked" into a state, and I cannot dim it with the dimmer button, even when I program a profile-switch on the button to accomplish it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. And, several times I've started CUE, and get a crash dialog from the Launcher.exe (the app itself continues to run, though).


Using latest version, with latest firmwares on both devices.


CUE 2.24.35

K70 Firmware 2.05

SABRE Firmware 2.04

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Hi, and thank you for getting back, quickly, on this!

Version 2.23.40 works much better, for me!



I installed it about an hour or two ago, and the keyboard nor the mouse has glitched, yet! And the brightness now works without profile-switch programming. Lovely. :)


Also, I noticed that the 2.24.35 version seemed to be crashing a game I was in (Insurgency) when I Alt-Tabbed out of it while CUE was running. I didn't re-play it again with this version of CUE, but, I did jump into its main menu briefly, and Alt-Tabbed out/in a few times, with CUE running, and it did not crash.



Thank you! And hopefully that helps track down whatever the bug is! Let me know if I can assist any further with the diagnosis.

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FYI: Quick update - I just re-installed with iCUE 3.2.87 yesterday, and so far it is working pretty well!


Feeling much better about this, now, and have been taking advantage of the mapping to specific applications that autoswitches when I go to it, along with key remaps and actions! That is a beautiful thing! :)

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