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Corsair RMA sends wrong item and only 1 of 2

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I bought a new H100i v2 to get home and the fans were noisy as can be. So i return it to the store i purchased it at. Almost bought a different brand but i have a corsair power supply,case,ram... So i wanted everything to match up nicely. So i grab another H100i v2 to try again. This time i added rubber washers to the fans just in case. To my surprise they still made a rattling/grinding noise like the first set. So i decide to run them on low and the noise is bearable.Now i decide to overclock my cpu so the fans ramp up and sound horrible.


RMA the fans and described that both(2) fans were faulty. Days later Corsair decides to send out RMA. Today i get 1 fan instead of 2 and it is a totally different fan. When i look up the numbers on this 'new' fan they sent it is a AF120. More blades than my original fans on my cooler. So now i have 1 instead of 2 replacement fans and its basically a case fan. The stock fans are Static Pressure fans for radiator from what i know.


Guess we will see how or if they fix this. I have read horror stories of Corsairs RMA but i assumed a company like this would be A-1.



A non happy customer

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