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Corsair Stole My Keyboard & Is Ignoring Me Now

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Hi there! Since nothing is getting done about my problem, I decided to post here on the forums. It's a long post, but well worth the read!


Back on April 2nd, 2016 I bought a Corsair Vengeance K70B keyboard on NewEgg (for $129.99) to go with my new build. Loved it and had no problems with it until January of this year. The LED lighting was starting to have some issues and eventually went out behind a few keys of mine. I made a support ticket (given that I was still within the 2 year warranty) and after trying some things to no avail, they approved me for an RMA. The next day I clicked on the 'shipping label' link at the top of my ticket to get the address and then shipped my keyboard out for $17 to the provided address via UPS (insured and with a tracking number).


I checked on UPS's site and seen that it arrived at its destination on March 1st. They still hadn't updated my ticket to say that it had 'arrived', but I gave it a few more days. I finally contacted them on March 7th to ask if it had arrived. They told me they didn't receive it and asked for my tracking number. I gave it to them and waited some more. On the 18th, I asked them again. I got the same answer; they still hadn't received it and asked me for my tracking number again. I gave that to them again, and also attached a picture of my shipping label that was on the package.


It was at this point I thought something was very strange. I clicked on the 'shipping label' link once more, and what do you know, they changed the address on me to something entirely different. Now why on earth would they have done that AFTER I've already shipped out my keyboard? I used the address they originally gave me on the 'shipping label' link the day I shipped out my keyboard. Like, if you guys gave me the wrong address, that's on YOU, not me.

I did the 'live chat' option and told them my problem and they said they would contact the receiving team and make it a 'priority'. Then the next day, on March 22nd, I called customer support. I told them my problem, and gave them my ticket number. The person I talked to acted like they DID receive my keyboard, and then said the reason they hadn't sent me my replacement was because they 'didn't have it in stock'. They then went on to tell me that they'd book me an 'alternative replacement' and email me soon regarding it. I waited and waited for days. Never heard back from them.


I had enough of dealing with the lack of customer service, so I contacted the Better Business Bureau and submitted a complaint about it. They approved it and sent it to Corsair. The complaint is currently overdue for a reply from Corsair.


So to sum this up, I'm out of a $130 keyboard thanks to Corsair.:mad: I have proof that it was indeed delivered, but they say they 'don't have it' so I don't know what's going on, but I am sick and tired of it.

I am extremely furious at this point and sad as well because I was a big fan of Corsair. Their products are nice, I'll give them that. But the customer service is a bit lacking it seems. I don't think I'll ever be buying anymore Corsair products after dealing with this.

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