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What do I need to control 4 LED strips and 9 HD 120 fans?


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Is a Commander Pro the best way to do this? I'll be kind of frank I'm sort of confused by the Commander Pro's inputs on it.


The 6 fan inputs on it are obvious, but for the rest, it has 2 USB ports on it, do I plug the Lighting Node Pro I got from the LED strip kit into one of the USB ports on the Commander Pro and do I hook up the 2 RGB hubs for my HD 120 fans into the LED 1 and 2 plugs on the Commander Pro? Will it all be controllable via Corsair Link?


My impression was you needed some way to interface the RGB hubs via USB so that they could be controlled. I'm assuming that the Commander Pro is essentially a Lighting Node Pro internally with the fan control capabilities added on?

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