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RAM are not fully recognize


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I have updated the bios to of my motherboard and enable the SPD WRITE for controling the color of the RAM.


But with the Corsair Link 4 and the Corsair Utility Engine, it's look like my RAM are not fully recognize and i can't control the color.


My RAM are : CORSAIR Mémoire PC Vengeance RGB - DDR4 - Kit 16Go (2 x 8 Go) - 3466 MHz -C16


Do you know this issue ?






Is my configuration correct ?

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This seems to be an occasional issue with the detection of the RAM information by the CPUIDSDK that both Link and iCue use for RAM (and other system component) detection. It comes and goes - sometimes it'll be right and sometimes not. You'll see this in both Link and iCue.


What I can suggest to you is to exit iCue and then restart the "Corsair Service" in the services applet. This will re-initialize those parameters.

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