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Keyboard not functioning with Asus Keybot


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Hi, My previous keyboard(a very basic keyboard) started to fail, so I gave myself an early birthday present (the k95).


I'm enjoying the new keyboard, the light effects are cool and the extra macro keys are very handy.


But, there is always a but, the keyboard doesn't function with Asus keybot.

If I turn on keybot (which was already on) - the k95 just shows the default rainbow led wave(?) - but if I type nothing happens.


Turning of keybot fixes this. But that leaves me with another 'problem'.

My PC case is placed far away under my big desk - and turning it on via the power button requires you to go under the desk.


Keybot offered a solution for this - bind a key to hold on the keyboard to boot the system. in my case hold the enter key for 2 sec. and the PC boots up.

That's the only real reason I was using it. But I would really like that functionality back. Either with keybot or something else within the Corsair provided software.


Any idea on how to solve this? or get a work around.

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