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Migrating Link Fan Curves to iCue : Tool


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Hey y'all ...

I've created a tool that will read the fan curves from your Link profiles so that you can copy them into iCue. The long term goal is to allow you to export them from Link and the import into iCue but it's not there yet. That said, I wanted to share with other that, like me, are taking the great leap forward from Link to iCue and want to bring our carefully configured fan curves along.


You can download this tool from my OneDrive at https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjLE3OnL_l3kledLONUWdV8ScndWfQ.


*UPDATE 2018-04-12:

- Added label to show selected items serial number

- Added functionality to show custom fan curves in standard profiles (Balanced/Quite/Performance). Standard profiles will be enclosed in square brackets - for example [balanced].

Thanks for FuzzyWolf for pointing this out and providing some a sample profile to validate.


A video showing how to use the tool is at [ame]

[/ame]. Edited by DevBiker
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