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Faulty LL120 fan?


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Hello everybody,


Today I finally got around to setting up the Lighting Node Pro.

I've been running two LL120 fans for a couple of months without RGB controller or LNP.


When I set up the LNP and the RBG controller I ran into a problem.

One LL120 appears to be faulty (The bottom one in the terrible video below):




As you can hopefully tell by watching my recording, the bottom fan's outer-ring of leds is vaguely 3/4 blue and 1/4 green. The inner-ring of leds vaguely flash in the LINK selected color/pattern.


I've attached screenshots of my LINK setup (fan #3 and #4) and LNP setup. LNP firmware version 0.5.104.


I've tried rearranging the fans on the RGB controller but I keep the blue/green ring on all channels.


The LED strips are all working fine.


Is my fan faulty? I don't have the packaging anymore. Is this an issue in case of RMA?


Thanks very much for reading/answering :sunglasse



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