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Suggestions to Improve the K95 Platinum


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while the New K95 RGB PLATINUM Is a great step forward, I personally think it could use a few extras. If you have something you would like to see on the next revision of this keyboard or even a "new K95" keyboard post em below.


Each person has their own tastes so what I suggest may not be to your specific liking so let's keep the comments clean and mature if you disagree.


1. I wish the k95 would come with a white backing and back-key plate like the STRAFE RGB and the K55 keyboards. I think it makes them look a lot sleeker and In my personal experience, the white really helps make the colors pop while the keyplate helps keep the keyboard generally cleaner.


2. I think we can all agree that it's about time to get at least one USB 3.0 pass through. I'm not sure if its a power limitation or a data limitation that keeps them from adding a 3.0, But I think this should definitely be a thing for the price point ASAP.


3. IMHO the font that Corsair used with the k95 plat looks to blocky. Or maybe its because they tried to squish the letters and such to the top of the key making them look too "phat"


4. MOAR switch types #*&(% heh... gotta love the really loud clicking that keeps the household awake...


Post you're comments down below as I'm interested in hearing what you guys/gals have to say and I'm sure Corsair would also love to hear first hand feedback on this keyboard.

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