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Replacement Molex PSU cable

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Tried to contact support to get a replacement molex PSU cable for my cx 750m and was basically told they aren't going to help me then proceeded to provide a link to their website to buy it that doesn't even ship to my country.


They know what country I live in and they also know they don't ship to this country yet just tried to palm me off with a link that's not even relevant.


I heard good things about corsair support but this was just ridiculous.


I've actually never had such poor support from a company regarding PC components, especially one with a reputation like Corsair.


I see their reputation is a fake now and probably just had a marketing budget to appear like they have good support when in reality it's the worst I have had to deal with.



Also I'm not sure how useless the support staff that was handling my ticket was but they requested the same full screenshot of my invoice a few times for no reason whatsoever, I sent them exactly what I have in my online account that displays the invoice but apparently sending the same damn screenshot full page wasn't enough yet they wouldn't even tell me what other information they were after.


I started off the ticket with invoice for proof then they requested it again for no reason, every time I supplied it.




Submitted ticket with invoice proof



They request invoice again



Provided invoice AGAIN and lot code number as requested



They request invoice AGAIN



Supply then with two more of entire page and entire monitor/browser/desktop as well as a PDF of the invoice.





They tell me to go buy the cable off their site from a link that doesn't even ship to my country.

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