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O/C Virgin, be gentle


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I am new to high performance equipment, and have never tried to O/C before. I have a new machine I built (my first build) and am using Corsair Twinx Kit 1024 (2X512) 3200 Platinum series.


How do I O/C? I am gathering from reading posts this is done by adjusting the voltage. Am I right? My MOBO (its an intel865, exaxt model I cannot remember) has an 800mhz fsb. How much can I expect to up that? And is it worth it? My main use is playing Everquest, which seems to be VERY memory reactive.


If there are tutorals or help posts available, I would be grateful for links.



Edited to add system info -


P4 3.2gig

Intel D865PERL


Gforce FX 5200 256mb

SBAudigy 2 Value

Antec SLK3700-BQE

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OCing typically requires the adjustment of many different parameters within the bios. Unfortunately, Intel is fundamentally against OCing. They lock the multipliers on their CPUs and they offer NO OCing options on their MOBO bios. If you want to OC your system, you will need to consider a brand of MOBO other than Intel.



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Thanks for the reply. I started with an Asus MOBO, bought off a web site, but it was bad. I returned it, and got an Intel board for a good price at a local store. I was not really thinking of OC'ing at the time, so I did not research it as I should have. Maybe the next machine........
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