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Adapter Request: Standard 12vRGB Analog to iCUE Digital Adapter


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I have a strong interest in RGB lighting and looked over a lot of options and tools, before going with the HD-120. The HD-120 is the best performing addressable RGB fan for radiators currently, as it has the highest static pressure of addressable RGB fans. I have been using my MB to control the HD-120s, while I used what is the best RGB software out there, CUE, for my K70 Lux RGB. In terms of ease of use, functionality, and flexibility the CUE software hands down is the best. With the introduction of the iCUE, this really turns Cue into the killer app for RGB. It also adds a lot of other options.


I know Corsair is going to be busy with developing the tool and coming out with additional hardware, so maybe some of us in the community could develop a prototype for them to allow some of the analog 12v and 5v RGB items to be controlled via iCue. This is well outside the abilities of most users, though it could be something that Corsair could market and produce as an end user product.


RGB is just a grouping of three smaller LEDs (red, green, and blue). LEDs can be controlled like a fan via voltage or PWM, though RGB LEDs are controlled via PWM. The digital ones use an integrated circuit to convert a serial digital signal to a PWM signal. Maybe doing a small board with 10x Digital to Analog ICs that is powered separately 12v w/ data and ground passed to the device via Corsairs LNP. It could be set as a Corsair Digital RGB Strip in the software to give control over the 10 different devices. It also would require the proper resistors and capacitors. I am no electrical engineer, though I tinker and do a lot of DIY. I have a basic understanding, though I will need to do a bit more research or find someone with EE knowledge to help with the development.


I was about to start working on something similar via an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. I already purchased both as well as the 16 channel PWM driver boards were delivered the same day as the iCue release. >< Though as iCue gives you a lot of control as well as supply the digital signal, using iCue might be a better idea and less complicated.

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