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Corsair iCue and Windows 10


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Hello everyone, this is my very first post here on the Corsair forums, and although so far I've really been liking the products I own from you, there are a few quirks with the software that can be used along with it.


Now, I too did jump on the bandwagon to see just how the latest and greatest also known as Corsair iCue which is what will eventually be taking over older programs and needles to say at first I was quite confused on how the program worked. (Fear not I did figure things out)


Anyway, I have encountered an unusual issue, where if I say use Chrome in fullscreen, it will stretch all the way, however if I open up Corsair iCue along with it, the program is suddenly not stretched properly anymore. This also goes for the rest of Windows when it comes to fullscreening other programs.


It looks like it is temporarily solved by either logging off or restarting Windows Explorer via Task Manager.


I will most likely attach pictures to show the current issue and not quite sure if others are experiencing or even noticing it for that matter.


Hope to hear from somebody soon.




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Ah. This looks like related to the issue I have with Chrome. For some reason, Chrome get's treated like a resized window and not a maximized one. I can normally scroll a web page by moving the mouse over to the right (without actually landing on the scrollbar) but with icue open, the mouse is off of the page, and if you click, it focuses to the window underneath - or desktop if nothing else is open.



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