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Bad RAM module


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Dear Sirs,


Just over a year ago I purchased a motherboard and Ram combination from Tigerdirect. The RAM module was a 512 meg, Corsair Platinum series XMS2700 chip running at 333mhz. The part number is XMS2702v1.2, and the serial number appears to be 0321108. At Christmas this year, I received another XMS2700 chip to augment my RAM. This was a version 2.1 chip. It integrated well with the old chip, but about 3 weeks after I installed the new chip the old one failed (crashing my system). I took the chip to a local PC repair shop and they tested it, confirming that it was dead. I then contacted Tigerdirect, and they referred me to you, so here I am. As I understand it, the chip is still under warranty, and I would like to exchange it for a new module. I appreciate your attention in this matter and look forward to your response.




James Hughes

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