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Link and iCUE?


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Can you please clarify under what circumstances both Link and iCUE need to be installed?


Based on the below from this post, it sounds like Link is only needed if you have a "Legacy Device" not on the compatibility list.


If your CORSAIR LINK device isn't listed, please make sure to upgrade to at least version of CORSAIR LINK before installing iCUE.


I currently have the following, is there any reason to keep Link installed?


  • Commander Pro
  • H100i V2
  • 4x HD120
  • 4x LED Strips from Lighting Node Pro



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You don't have any "Legacy" devices that would be Link only.

You may want to keep Link installed - keep in mind that iCue is "Early Access" - but you can control all of your devices with iCue. Link will disable them and not even try to control them once you install iCue (if you have the latest version ONLY).

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