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iCUE Early Access - 3.1.131 is now live!

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Our first public release of CORSAIR iCUE, version 3.1.131, is now available for download!

(Note: you'll need to manually download and install iCUE from our website under downloads as this will not be served through the CUE 2.X update function)


CORSAIR iCUE is being provided under early access. Features and functionality may not be completely implemented and we strongly recommend that you backup your important files as well as any current CUE profiles before installing.

For more info, please read the notice here before installing CORSAIR iCUE.


iCUE 3.1.131 Release Notes

  • Shiny new interface!
  • Support for CORSAIR LINK devices: Lighting Node PRO & Commander PRO
  • Support for CORSAIR SP RGB, HD RGB, LL RGB fans
    Note: VENGEANCE RGB does not support Instant Lighting or Lighting Link effects.
  • Initial support for CORSAIR Hydro Series coolers*
  • Initial support for RMi, HXi, AXi power supplies*
  • Introduction of CUE Dashboard and CUE Space for device/system monitoring
  • Introduction of Instant Lighting for quick setup of static colors on devices that support Lighting Link
  • Removal of global "Advanced" Lighting setting (Don't worry, you can still go advanced, you just don't have to toggle it on manually anymore!)
  • Game integration with Far Cry 5 by Ubisoft


*Please refer to the compatibility list found here. As a reminder, CORSAIR iCUE is in an early access stage and has varying degrees of support for components that work with CORSAIR LINK. If you have a CORSAIR LINK device that isn't supported by CORSAIR iCUE, please make sure you have CORSAIR LINK version or newer installed before attempting to install and use CORSAIR iCUE!




CORSAIR iCUE Introduction Video:





Compilation of frequently asked questions, this will be updated as we get more questions that are asked frequently!


CORSAIR iCUE Tutorials:

iCUE works much like CUE 2.X does for our peripherals, so many of the same concepts can be applied. That being said, we've produced and will continue to produce official iCUE tutorial videos to help you get to speed with our new software!

CORSAIR iCUE Compatibility List:

Compiled list of devices that are currently supported by iCUE, this will be updated as more devices are added.

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