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CUE Crashing and taking out my audio


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Hi Folks, I have been having issues with my K70 RGB since purchase, made a ticket but never got ANY response from corsair.


I cannot find anything online about my specific issue.


I have a profile made in CUE which I quite like, though it only works for about half an hour. Then cue claims that my k70 has malfunctioned, my audio cuts out and just clicks through my speakers at ~1 second intervals until I shut down cue, and any application playing audio.


I believe I have a lemon K70, but corsair obviously does not since they never got back to me about my ticket.


I am hoping someone around here has seen this and knows of a simple fix.





Edit: I just got some proof on youtube here. At about 7:30 it malfunctions, taking my audio with it.



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