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Lapdog Upgrade Idea (2.0 maybe?)


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Hello Everyone


Listed below would be my suggestion for improvement over the Wired Lapdog you are offering.

I know there is a Wireless one that is released but some people still prefer to stay wired for some reason

and would love improving on the little flaw in the design that make it less interesting for a lots of them.


#1 Wrist Rest

One of the shortcoming of the Lapdog was the lack of a Wrist Rest at the bottom to prevent uncomfortable

angle of the wrist over long period of playtime.Rest could/should be along the whole bottom border so as

to be usable for 2 hand typing as well as rest for the mousepad.


#2 Optional Integrated Bungee

Another problem with the Lapdog is the mouse slipping and leaving the pad when you are trying to type

with 2 hand on the keyboard.

Having an optional integrated bungee to the mousepad would help prevent that problem as well

as prevent the mouse cord to get stuck or in the way while playing.

Having the hole for the wire at the top of the mousepad would also get rid of the weird open gap design on

the left and prevent the wire rubbing on the border of the opening by having a proper protector ring around the hole.


#3 Modular

Making it so that we can interchange the side of the keyboard and the mousepad in the tray would make it

usable for both left and right handed people.

Having the hole for the mouse integrated to the mousepad would make it to be compatible on both side.

Having the choice to locate the filler plate for smaller keyboard to the left or to the right to allow the keyboard

to be closer or further while still allowing for full sized keyboard would also be nice.


#4 Wire/Hub Location

The Usb Input/Power hub could be either centered or modular as having the wire on the right might be a

problem for some people/situation/room design.


#5 1 or 2 more Inside Usb port

While having outside Usb is useful for USB stick or Usb wired Headphone,if you have a Wireless/bluetooth Usb

adapter you may not want it to stick out on the side of the Lapdog at all time,so having an additional usb

inside would be great to hide it underneath and keeping it close to you for better signal.


#6 Foam Design

While the Removable foam design is great and comfortable,having it a little smaller and in a M shape instead

of a V would allow for the Lapdog to fit on a table flat without the need to remove the foam every time.


#7 Mousepad material

Having multiple option for the mousepad would be great as not everyone like the hard surface.

One solution would be a reversible Pad with Both a hard surface on one side,and a softer one on the

other,giving the choice to choose either.

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If they announced all this on a revision/new model, I would preorder at full price. I game on my couch and have a K70 LUX and would love a Lopdog with all the features mentioned here. I like the look of the new wireless one for the K63, but i already have the K70. I don't want to buy a new keyboard when i have a perfectly good one. The OG lapdog never quite enticed me due to the reasons you brought up. I want a wrist rest, more ports inside and an option for softer mouse side. I am right handed, so i don't really care about the modular stuff, but i could see that being a huge selling point. When i get into a really session of gaming, i don't care how big the Desk/Lapdog would be. make it comfortable and big enough and i would be happy.
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  • Corsair Employees

A lot of the feedback we received for the Lapdog was incorporated into the design of the K63 Wireless Lapboard. While it's not quite a complete Lapdog replacement in terms of features, we feel it's the best all-around solution for living room gaming at this time.


While I can't comment on unannounced product, I can say that we do note user feedback in the development process.


Thank you for putting this together and taking the time to post. :)

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