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PT800CE-A & VS1GBKIT400C3 - HELP!!!


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I have a problem in getting VS1GBKIT400C3 to work in my ECS PT800CE-A motherboard.


The motherboard came with a Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz 1 MB Socket 487 Prescott Hyperthreading processor


I recently installed Phoenix Award BIOS 1.1b

I do not seem to be able to make changes in my BIOS settings.


When I run the Windows memory diagnostic I get hundreds of thousands of errors in LRAND and WMATS+

8 errors in MATS, 16 in INVC, 451 in Stride 6


The diagnostic is not able to identify the module having the errros.


Memtest-86 v3.2 also gives page after page of errors.


I had this problem several weeks ago, and sent back the memory to ZipZoomFly, who reportedly tested it, found errors and sent me new memory.


Now I am getting the same results with the new memory.


Do you think I had the bad luck to get 2 successive sets of bad memory?


Please help - this was my daughter's Christmas present and now it's February!

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I recently bought the exact same motherboard and processor. Having the same problem here. Found that i can run either chip of memory in either slot and have no problems as long as I don't run both chips at once. I get a blue screen error 0x000000A or 0x0000008E. Should I switch out the memory or should I go with another motherboard?
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I got an Asus P4P800 SE. The memory now works like a charm. It must be a common problem, since they are updating the BIOS every couple of weeks on the ECS board. (My last update was 1.1e)


Since I got the motherboard bundled with an Intel processor at a great price, I tossed the motherboard in the trash! (It's not worth all the aggravation.)

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Well I am glad you got your system up and running. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Ok, I have the same motherboard PT800CE-A. REV: 1.0A. with a P4 3.0E CPU running the VS1GBKIT400 LOT#0452018


Other than just throwing the motherboard out, is there a REAL solution to this? I am having the same memory error problems as the above poster. Memtest86 gives me the same errors on Test #5 in the same memory address range every time I run it. All the BIOS memory options are set as default as conservative as they go.

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The first thing is to update the bios to a newer version. Check out this ECS website page and download the newest bios:





Search the web for awd830.exe to use as fashing program. Winflash is too easy to make your mobo a pile of garbage.


Then bumb up your dram regulator in bios to +6%. This will get you closest to the voltage this memory requires (2.7v) even though it is listed everywhere at 2.5v.


Let me know how you make out.

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