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Import Not Working?

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Just bought a k68 and trying to learn the CUE software. I'm trying to import new profiles by clicking on "default" and then the three circle icon. I see the rgb share list in the bottom right. However, clicking on any of them does nothing except reveal the import button, and clicking that does nothing. I would think clicking on them would make the image of the keyboard above show the effect, and import would add it to my list.


Also, using the website, I try to go download a profile I like, for instance: https://gaming.corsair.com/uk/en/rgbshare/download-profile?profileId=10507f3e- and it just boots me to the homepage.


Am I missing something? Thx.

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Same here. I purchased K95 Platinum weeks ago and have never been able to import profiles through CUE using the IMPORT button after choosing desired RGB profile in hall of fame. Ridiculous and very amateurish. One would think a company like Corsair would sort this out within a day or two of the issue first happening, but problem exists for weeks now. This is a very bad impression and experience having just bought their flagship keyboard. Mickey Mouse company!
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