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Please Corsair Please put Copy/Paste Between Macros Back


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Would you PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, (nothing pretty about this) put copy paste functionality back into CUE 2????!!!!!!!!!




Can you tell me that, "It won't work with the new CUE 2 interface and you believe is not worth your time to focus on currently. If it happens it will be a long time in the future." I realize that you are focused on gimmicky colors right now. I am willing to toss my Corsair Scimitar Mouse and go back to CUE 1 if this is the case.


The only advantages of Cue 2 over Cue 1 I can detect at this point are:


- Works with the Scimitar Mouse (and Peripheries which I will not buy and definitely will not contribute to "word of mouth advertising" until you get off this lighting kick you're on.) - For which I can't create actions as powerful as Cue 1 anyways.


- has that starting sound with Actions for which I've handily edited George Carlin's "seven swears you can't say" with "Corsair" replacing the expletives; a cute feature I admit.


- retain original key output.


Meanwhile, It lost,

- Macro control features (Queue next Macro while executing, and others)

- Action editing (Copy/Paste between Macros! and many others)

- A far better user interface, that had bugs, but for which I didn't feel that I was the beta tester for, by the time you published it.

- An instruction manual


(My extreme bitterness still stems from the deletion of my entire keyboard profiles with the update from Cue 1 to Cue 2 without warning of any kind that this would happen, and for what!!!??? "Sorry for the inconvenience, but you're F--ked" or should I say "You've been Corsaired. We enjoyed Corsairing you. Have a Corsairly Corsair day. Corsair.")


You know what I mean by "Copy/Paste" between Macros? You used to be able to copy a number of actions within a Macro to the clipboard, and the clipboard would remain active in the next macro, so you could paste the actions into the new Macro. In Cue 2 the clipboard is lost if you change macros.


Stay focused on lighting! Light your computers and mousepads! Let your competition catch up to you! For all those gamers that want to play in the dark, look at their peripheries while gaming instead of the monitor, and want to spend copious amounts of money to flash their computers. I put the "pleases" in Multi-colors for you! (Using Copy/Paste)


Have a Corsair day!



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