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Possible bad Ram combo?

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AMD 64 3400

Corsair Ram (1) cmx512-3200 c2 xms3200 v4.2 0433009-0

(2) cmx512-3200 xms3200 v1.2 0435117-0

Maxtor SATA 80 GB

Nvidia Geforce 5600

Enermax 465w ps


Timings are set to 3-3-8-3 auto in bios


PC works fine with stick (2) only. Hangs on boot with both installed...boots, but occasionally blue screens with just stick (1). I have both sticks installed in slots 1 and 2 as recommended by MSI's manual. Is there a possibility that I need to try new timings and if so, what would you recommend? If this is not the problem in your opinion, would I be able to return stick (1) for one more compatible with stick (2)? I would be willing to send both modules in for testing and would be happy to return them both for a 'matched set', if it was necessary as I have a backup pc available while waiting.


Thank You for your time and insight,



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I am sorry, but with this platform you cannot mix memory. The modules would need to be exactly matched both in part# and revision. If you just got these I would see if the reseller will let you send these back and get a single CMX1024-3200C2 for best performance with this MB.
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