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Express RMA Process Stalled


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I'm posting here because I can't seem to get anywhere after multiple live chats. I started an express RMA on 2/19/18 (#689308) for a faulty stick of RAM. I received the replacement on 2/22/18, and returned the defective RAM on 2/26. My credit card was charged for the express RMA. Tracking information for the return says that it arrived on 3/05/18. By that time, the support ticket was closed, so I did a live chat and the agent re-opened it.


In another live chat on 3/14 I was told by the agent that the device would be marked as received and the express RMA refund would be processed and should be in my acount in 3-5 business days. Here we are, 5 business days later and there's no sign of a refund. Currently the ticket still does not show that the defective RAM has been received. What do I have to do to get this process completed?

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