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H150i pro ML120 fans doesn't light up


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Hi Guys,


I am confused on why the ML120 fans included on the H150i pro package wont light up. I have just recently built a new rig in which i have connected all connections correctly, sata ppwer cable, pump connector and the 3 ML120 to the Y spliter. When i have opened the PC the cooler attached to my processor lights up however the fans don't. Did i miss something? Or does it still need a LED hub?


Oh and i also have 2 LL140s and 1 LL120 as my exhaust installed at rear and top of my case but i bought them seperately and doesnt have a lightong node. Any tips ano how i can make them light all together.


Btw. All fans are all spinning and functional.


Thanks in advance.

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You need a Lighting Node Pro (LNP) or Commander Pro for the LL series fans and for general LED control of all the RGB fans. This would have come in a 2-pack of LL140s, but I am guessing you bought them as singles and missed out on the free LNP. You have a couple of options to fix this.


1) Buy the LNP kit that also comes with LED strips. The LL fans will connect their hub to it and finally have lighting. Be aware you must run Corsair Link at all times for LL fans to keep their patterns. If you close Link, they go into a pre-programmed rainbow demo mode.


2) Return the 2 LL140 singles and replace it with the 2 pack with LNP included (no LED strips).


3) Buy a 3 pack of LL120s to replace the non-LED radiator fans and use its free LNP to hook all 6 up to the same lighting hub and get the full effect.


The other thing to be aware of is you cannot mix and match different RGB fans types on a the same Lighting Hub. This is the 6 port little matchbox your LED fans will plug into directly and not the Lighting Node Pro. The lighting hub is the power source for the LED madness. The LNP is the brains. You need both.

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