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Looking for suggestions for my setup to maximize RGB


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As much as possible i would like to run the rgb in just 1 to 2 software

Here is the list:

I7 3.7ghz 8700

Asus ROG Z370-F

Corsair Hydro 150i

Corsair LL120 x4 with 1 Lighting Node Pro from triple fan pack

Commander pro x1

Corsair Lighting Node led strips with lighting node pro

Corsair Vengeance 32gb rgb 4x8gb

Cooler Master Mastercase h500p

Evga 750 g2

Corsair rgb headphone stand

Corsair k70 keyboard

Corsair rgb mouse pad polaris

Logitech g933 artemis spectrum headset

Logitech pro mouse

328P6VJEB philips 4k monitor


Any suggestions with my RGB setup?

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If you are looking to maximise your RGB and run it with minimal software then you should consider a Corsair Mouse and Headset so you don't have to run the Logitech software and indeed have them synced with the rest of the corsair kit you are buying,,.. I would also suggest a Corsair i series PSU as this can also be linked to corsairs software
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