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Twinx1024-3200c2 Bad?


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I have the corsair twinx1024-3200c2 matched pair.

I have a DFI Lanparty NF2 Ultra B motherboard.

athlon 3000+ (400mhz bus)

Memory running at (DDR400) speed. -- 200mhz


I have used the settings that I have seen you recommend in this forum.

Voltage 2.7 volts.

Speed 200mhz.

CAS 2.5

3-3-6 Timings


I cannot get my board to get past POST if I set the memory timings to 2.5 3-3-6.


It will post at Cas 3 however.

It does not matter whether I Use 1 Dimm or both or Dual Channel or not.

I cannot get either dim to post individually or together in any formation at Cas 2.5


I have flashed my boards bios to the latest and this made no difference.


I have no other comparable Ram to test with Nor do I have another Board with a 400 mhz bus that will support these memory speeds.


I do have a 333mhz board and a stick of Corsair PC2700 in that board, but I am not sure if these will do me any good in testing my current problem. But for the heck of it, I did put both of my twinX sticks in that older board and ran them at 166 at CAS 2 and they were fine there. But that is not saying much since I need them to run at CAS 2.5 at 200mhz.


Help :)

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If you have that same problem with both modules, that would suggest some other problem, and I would test them on another MB if you can.


I have tried every concievable setting to get my ram to post at cas2.5.


I am trying the motherboard angle at this point. I do not believe it is the ram that is not good. But I may be wrong.


I was hoping that you would show me the error of my ways and settings, however; I do not believe that this board is going to work correctly regardless. Perhaps I will RMA the board or switch to another board altogether.


Is there a more stable Nforce 2 Based socket A board that supports dual channel ram (ddr 400) and athlon xp (400)??

Asus? - Abit -- Gigabyte -- MSI ?? any suggestions or perhaps I just got a lemon and the DFI Nforce 2 ultra B that I got was a dud?


I am currently using this ram in my athlon 2600+ with a 133 mhz fsb cpu and the ram at 166, sigh kind of a waste of fast ram. SO help please :laughing:

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Will the memory run at Cass 2.5 at DDR333 in your other MB? If so that would suggest maybe a bios problem. And I am sorry I cannot suggest one MB maker over another as it causes a conflict of interest for me. But I would direct you to XMS Qualification and Testing, as we list all of our XMS modules and the make and model of MB we use to test that specific module. That would be a good place to start.
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