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Mouse Corsair Scimitar Auto hotkeys changed/bug


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Hello everyone, ok so i bought mouse Corsair Scimitar and download a software and put hotkeys there. ALL is ok i put what i wanted and i play mmo. ALL is working.



Sometimes when i play my mouse stop working, a hotkeys don't work (i have to exit Corsair Utility Engine and run it again then all is working good again.

TO be more clear like i have left hotkeys put to F hotkeys (1 on mouse is F1, 2 on mouse is F2 etc). Im playing mmo all is working and suddenly my mouse hotkeys changed and don't do that same. When i check software my hotkeys are still that same but don't working


Do i click some button combination ? and it changed?? Someone know how to repair it ?

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No that sounds weird to me too. A few questions since I'm not sure where the issue really is (answer what you can, don't worry about it):

Software version?

Firmware version (you can check in CUE settings)?

Corsair keyboard?

The actions that you binded to the 1-12 on your mouse, are they Macros on CUE or are they Key Remap actions?

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Do you have multiple profiles in CUE? Any of them linked through auto profile switching? Also, do you have Scimitar Pro or the original?


Try connecting the mouse to a different USB port on the back of the motherboard, and updating your USB and chipset drivers to the latest from the motherboard manufacturer's website. I would also recommend performing any pending Windows updates as there have been some USB related issues tied to their updates.

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