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Corsair RAM problem, need help


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Ever since I got my dual pack of Corsair DDR pc3200 XMS RAM (two 512MB sticks) my computer has randomly been restarting. I think I may have bad RAM. When it happens, the screen goes black and then the computer restarts. Got the new RAM for Christmas.


Computer isnt overheating, because I have had it crash immediatley after start up after being turned off for a few days. I also have a nice cool basement computer room. ;)


I tried running the Memtest 86 3.2 release from this site




Except that after the test ran for 6 and a half days straight, I decided something MUST be wrong because I doubt anything would take that long to run, so I cancelled it. I also could not get it to produce an error report or anything of that sort, except that it did list 4 errors it found, all seemingly random except for the common denominator being that it always failed on something like a "ddddddfdd" but got "ddddddddd" or something of that sort, dont remember exactly. Error in the program perhaps? Not that I would know, since my knowledge of these memory testing programs is slim.


Also I installed the memory myself, and correctly - or so I believe. Supposed to put the sticks in the first and 3rd memory slots, correct? By the way, I have a ASUS P4P800 Deluxe motherboard, with a 2.6ghz HT Intel processor. Dont think it is a power supply problem either, since I run a 420 watt. Thats about all the hardware information that I would think would be possibly be related, but I can certainly give more information on request.


I am also running the latest BIOS version for my mobo, default settings.


Computer seems to stop and restart not always, but most often when doing something that requires more resources, like running a game.


Thats about all the information I can think of to provide, but if I missed something, ask and I shall tell you. =D


I will be very, very grateful to any advice I can get.

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Sorry it took me SO LONG to reply, recently Windows XP Pro stopped working, I assume the random restarts destroyed my Windows install. More than that, I couldnt find my Windows CD for quite some time....man this is a lot harder than it should be :laughing:


Well thanks for your advice, I will go try changing those bios settings...also is there anything special I have to do in the settings or something for that MemTest program to make it test each module one at a time? Can't be too careful, I just dont want to have my computer running the test for the next week again. ;)


Thanks a lot and I hope I have your patience :laughing:

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OK I disabled the legacy USB, and it took me a while to figure out how to get to the RAM voltage settings, but I found that changing the AI Overclocking option will give me the RAM settings.


Under this menu, before I make any hasty changes, I thought that I should ask you, to be sure: is "DDR Reference Voltage" in this case the same thing as this "Dim Voltage" you described? I can set it to 2.75 volts, but right now it is on "Auto" and I wanted to try and double check before messing with power settings that could potentially fry my investment. ;)

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I was running the test and it got this error:


Tst: 6

Pass: 1

Failing Address: 0003beba748 -958.6 MB

Good: fffffdff

Bad: ffffffff

Err-bits: 00000200

Count: 1

Chan: (nothing was here)


I didnt let it run all the way though because I didnt want it to take a week again, and this is one of the same errors I got last time.

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Ya, I'm back.


Got my new RAM back in the mail and everything, installed it.....however it seems I still have problems, and I as well as my techy friends are baffled as to what the problem with my computer is.


My computer doesnt seem to randomly restart as much, but it still does it sometimes and also many of my programs I run act buggy still.


During when I sent my RAM in the mail and I was waiting to get a replacement, I borrowed my friend's old RAM and didnt have any problems at all with random system restarts and my computer acting buggy in general. This RAM was 2 sticks of 256 DDR Corsair, somewhere around 2700ish? speed. I had it installed in the same 2 slots that I have always had my RAM, so I doubt it could be the motherboard hardware.


Could it possibly be a BIOS setting or something similar that is the problem? It was suggested to me that perhaps the speeds were not set right....however this person also didnt know how to check if they were set right, so I havent checked on that yet.


So here I return for more advice. :bigeyes:

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First, in answer to your spec questions:


I havent set any special BIOS settings, in fact I am sure they are on default because resetting my BIOS was one of the things I tried to do to fix this whole ordeal =] (excluding the changes you told me to try)


My mobo is a Asus P4P800 Deluxe.


My CPU is bit tougher....it is an Intel 2.6ghz with hyper threading, I will have to do some digging to discover the FSB of it however. However, if after you finish reading this post you still want me to find this information for you, I will.


With that aside, I think it is safe to say that I found, without a doubt, the reason why my problems disappeared when I started using my friends RAM after I sent my broken RAM in, and then the problems started again when I got my RAM back in the mail and installed it.


THAT would be because this RAM is the SAME RAM I SENT IN THE MAIL. And by that I mean, the same exact unit that was broken, and is still broken now. I know it wasnt you who did this to me, RAM GUY, so dont take this the wrong way, however I must say I am pretty frusterated at this point, to say the least.


The way I can tell it is the same RAM I sent in the mail is because I left ever-so-slight markings on one of the sticks of RAM before I sent it in. I thought I was paranoid at the time for suspecting this might happen, but I guess I wasnt after all. :mad:


So what shall we do at this point, RAM GUY?

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  • Corsair Employees
Please call us at 888-222-4346 and choose option "2" and then ask for Ram Guy if I am available if not any of the techs should be able to help you sort this out. But if you did indeed get the same modules back that would suggest your package was refused for some reason, as all RMA's are replaced with new modules, or if the part# in question is not available the modules received would go back thru production testing and only sent back if they pass.
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Hey, sorry to bug you about this, but I just tried calling and when I got to the part where it transfers my call to the tech department, it tells me to leave a message for somebody with user ID so-and-so. Did I just call when your office hours were closed, or is it sending me to the wrong person all together? I ask because the voice said that the options have recently changed...
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OK, I sent in my RAM again and eventually got my replacement. From what I can tell, it is a new set of RAM this time.


HOWEVER, the cycle has begun again. I took out the other RAM I have been borrowing from my friend, and put in the replacement RAM. A couple days later, the random restart happened. The second one just happened now.


I am at a loss for words. What can possibly be the problem, if this is indeed new RAM?

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