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Corsair One Elite Cannot switch off front LED.


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I have a Corsair One Elite and i'm trying to switch of the front LED.


I have tried using the slider in the Corsair link app but the LED just flickers.


I have downloaded the latest Corsair Link.


I have contacted support but they seem like they don't know anything and are just replying like robots to me.


I have also some noise issue which i also opened a ticket for one week now.


I cannot believe that this is the machine you get for this kind of price.

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  • Corsair Employees

I've been able to reproduce the flickering on a CORSAIR ONE Elite system in-house and have notified our development team. Customer support won't have a solution for that until an update is released that includes a fix. For now, I'd recommend dimming the front LED, but not turning it completely off.


We're also aware of the reported abnormally loud/noticeable noise being produced in some units. All I can recommend is working with our support team. Please PM me your ticket number and I'll push for an update on your ticket.

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