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Cooling H100i V2 system Temp #1 to #7 Explained??


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Hi Guys,

Just got my brand spanking new pc

It has a Maximus X Hero (WI-FI AC) M/B

Liquid Cooled Intel I7 8700K CPU

By H100i V2 system ( build )

I am trying to understand the software, the top section which refers to the Motherboard,

the Temp #1 to Temp #7.

Which sections of the motherboard or components are each individual Temp # referring to?

Can someone give me a list please Temp #1 = ???

And so on.

It would be well appreciated.

Thank You.

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Ignore them, right until the day you open it and it now has 14 temps instead of 7. Then ignore it again. Especially #5 and 11 or any others that read 0.0 most of the time.


The better way to handle it is to build your case on the Configure panel. Using a different monitoring app, drag the temps, fans, pump, etc. you know to be valid into the picture and use that as the monitoring panel. I wish this would get cleaned up, but it doesn't seem likely to happen and Asus Z370 appears be have more garbage than some other boards.

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Thanks guys for your valued Info.

so basically the software is a load of rubbish

and get I should get something that works.

Well what a waste of time for who ever wrote this program...LMFAO

Any recommendations for a replacement ?

I hear HWMonitor is good !

Does anyone know if it works well with this set up ?

I am open to good suggestions


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I don't think that anyone is saying that the software is a "load of rubbish". They are saying that there are issues with it reading the sensors from the motherboard - and these issues are well-known. These issues are due to the underlying component that Link uses to read those values (CPUIDSDK) which is the exact same component that HWMonitor uses. So you'll see the same behavior in HWMonitor.


Some motherboards have more "ghost values" than others. Asus seems to be particularly problematic. My AsRock motherboard doesn't show any ghost values.


Consider this ... there is no standard methodology for hardware vendors to expose values from the various sensors that they have on board. So creating a single piece of software that will accurately read from every piece of hardware out there is a pretty tough task. Couple that with the number of new platforms that have been released in the last year or so ... we've had Kaby Lake, Skylake/Kaby Lake X, Coffee Lake, Ryzen, and Threadripper, with each platform having a gaggle of motherboards released from each vendor all released in the past year.

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Correct^^. We are saying don't waste any time worrying about it. Asus is notorious for making communications difficult and the embedded controller is an obstacle for any monitoring program. I don't know what should or should not be possible, but you need Link for full use of your cooler. You don't need that first panel and can make a better one with the values you want on the Configure screen, as well as place them for easy reference.
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