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K95 volume dial causes Cue to not respond


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OK, just swapped from Razer to Corsair for all my peripherals and already regretting it!


As soon as I touch the volume dial on the keyboard Cue doesn't crash, but all extra buttons stop working. Volume stays OK. but profile button, brightness, win lock, mouse side buttons etc all stop working!


This is more aggravating than having to deal with Razer!!


M65 mouse

K95 KB

Void wireless headset + the stand.


Any ideas before I send it all back??

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Everyone of us are in this position right now due to the recent version of CUE2. At the moment, do not use the volume wheel on the K95.


I had to reboot - although closing CUE2 and restarting may work - and avoid using the volume dial. By doing so, I regained control of my dpi buttons on my Sabre and instead, control volume through my Void audio slider.

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you can just close cue from the system tray then restart it to get it working again.


I went a step further, Unplugged it and put it back in the box and put the Razer kit back on my desk. Once they have some decent software I might consider Corsair again.

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