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Yet another A8N-SLI Deluxe question.


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I am trying to throw together a new system. I've been reading that people are having lots of problems with ram on the A8N-SLI board and I am a little worried. Here is what I have (or ultimately will have):


Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe - 1.02 board rev.


4x Corsair 3500C2 (CMX512-3500C2 - XMS3502v1.1) - I am aware that this is discontinued ram.


Enermax EG701AX-VE SFMA 2.0 (600 watts'o power)


AMD 3500+ Winchester


Does anyone know if my ram is absolutely NOT going to work? I am trying to get away with using my old ram. The thought of buying 2 more gigs of ram after the expense of the other parts is frightening. I should add I've been using this ram for a few years, mainly in P4C800-E boards. Over the years I have run numerous memtest86's and these modules have never produced errors and always at 2.0-2-2-5, 8 burst length, 200MHz FSB, 2.55v. Am I safe, or will I most likely have to end up buying new ram?


If I have to, what are suggested modules for this board? I haven't put the system together yet. I have the motherboard. I am waiting on the CPU to arrive and then I need a PCI-E video card. (probably an ATi x850 Pro, depending on pricing and availability.) The more I have to buy, on my current budget, the longer I have to wait to enjoy my new system. :[pouts: But the perk is, the longer I have to wait, the more mature the BIOS's will be by that time. *crosses fingers*


Thanks for takin' the time to read this. :biggrin:

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I'm 99.9% certain that you can use 2 sticks of that RAM easily. That 3500 is some of the best RAM ever made and most any MOBO likes the old Winbond stuff. However, the problems I am seeing are typically with 4 sticks of RAM. I'd watch the threads closely and see if bios resolves this. It may already have, there are several threads here at Corsair.


Good luck, Mike.

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That's reassuring to hear. I hope you are right, and that Asus hits the 4 module issue hard in the next few BIOS revisions. I'd love to just pop these 4 modules right in.


I agree with you. These modules have been 100% reliable, preformed very well (at 200 FSB. i am not an overclocker. stock speeds have been good enough for me.), and worked great in all the boards I ever tried them in. I thought it was a cryin' shame when I found out they were killing that particular line. I found out when I was trying to get more of them for a couple of other computers. Anyway, I hope this Asus/nVidia board doesn't kill that trend.


Thanks, Mike. :D:

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