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RGB stuck on rainbow (Scimitar Pro)


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As of getting my scimitar pro mouse a few days ago, I've had many problems with Cue, between not being able to reconnect the mouse if cue crashes (which it likes to do) resulting in my computer needing a restart, and the onboard profiles not being able to save and sending corsair cue into a sort of limbo, as it will not save nor cancel the save. On top of these problems, the mouse refuses to change any of the lightings to a static colour in every zone aside from the buttons on the side. I've tried to look for some solutions, but nothing has worked. I am running the latest version of Cue 2.24.35 and I have tried many things including a reinstall (the second time since I got this mouse)


please help.


Edit: i think this has something to do with the onboard memory (this has been an issue ever since i got it) which I cant configure nor find as of the most recent reinstall

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