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Dark Core fps drop/lag when moving mouse


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Discovered this recently when playing Diablo3. Whenever I move the mouse, my graphic system just lags until I stop moving the mouse. Read a lot about this online and seen suggestions to update the HID mouse driver in Win 10 to lowering the polling rate.


The amount of lag changes when I change the method of connection.


Wired: can get FPS to drop from 60fps to about 18fps, and can get animations to literally stop until I stop moving the mouse.


Dongle wireless: small FPS dips compared to wireless, tho there is still some hesitation.


Bluetooth: No lag. Smooth 60fps gameplay.


This is also recent. Didn't notice this with the 0.33 firmware. Currently on 3.08 and 2.24.35 CUE.


I was wondering if anyone else here has encountered a similar situation, and/or if they know where I can download updated HID mouse driver.

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Turned out to be a graphic driver problem and the game. Did a clean install of 391.05, no change. I changed the in-game's Physx settings from High to Low, then went back and changed again to Low to High. Problem went away. Apparently something internal to the game needed to be reset.


Using an overlay like RTSS for FPS counter made the problem worse, but has since been fixed. Weird.

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