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Corsair Sabre RGB macro and mouse buttons


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Hello everyone,


After an hour of researching the forums, I can't seem to find another thread with my problem ewplained, but it may be because I have not expressed myself correctly, so sorry if there is another thread that tackles my problem.


I'm a total newbie when it comes to macro, this is basically the first time I use macros (mouse and keyboard), so I am not really knowledgable.

So, my problem is : on my mouse, I configured 2 macros : one for "ctrl" and one for "shift" that I assigned to the side buttons. Then, on the mousewheel button I assigned "à", and on the other two buttons "_" and "ç".

Everything is going well, aside from the fact that when I try to use the macros ("ctrl" and "shift"), I can't use the other mouse buttons, so I can't do a "ctrl+_" or "shift+à" (again, only with the mouse, canstill do it with the keyboard). For an MMO player like me without the money to buy the scimitar (or any MMORPG 12 buttons mouse for that matter), this is really handicapping as there are now 6 slots that I can't use properly.

Am I doing something wrong on my settings or anything ?


Thank you for reading, and sorry for my bad english.

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You could try a different approach. Instead of of one input for a mouse button, you can program a "Remap Key - Keystroke". With that, you can have 2 actions pressed at the same time. Or if you want to keep using the "Macro" action, you can add 2 actions to it.
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