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CORSAIR-CMU64GX4M4A2666C16R from 64GB to 128GB


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My config is as following :


- Motherboard : WS X299 PRO/SE


- CPU Intel Core - i9-7900X - 10-Core - Socket 2066 - Cache L3 13.75 Mo - garantie Intel 3 ans - 3.3 GHz


- Corsair Vengeance Red LED - 64 Go (4 x 16 Go - DDR4 - 2666 MHz - C16)


As I am under W10Pro, and the 4 LEDS of my RAM are lit up, I was very happy.


I had 4 RAM Slots left empty, so I decided to buy another *same as above* 64 GB Kit ( 4 x 16 )


The problem is that 2nd kit did not lit up when I switched on the computer. I ws only seeing the first 4 RAMs working, so had only 64 GB...


I had the idea to switch apart the new ones and the old ones to detect if it was a problem of the kit I bought, but it was not that : only the 4 left DIMM light up, the 4 right ones won't!


It's not for me a problem of the new RAM, not a problem of the Motherboard as it allows 128 GB of RAM no ECC 2666, nor a problem of the CPU as intel says that this CPU can handle 128GB of RAM...


So, does someone have an idea to help me upgrade from 64 to 128?


It's tearing me down to have bought a 800 $ 64GB kit that would not get me with 128 GB....



Help !





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