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Latest CUE messed up my K70 LUX and Glaive?


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Hi, guys since I updated to the latest software (2.24.35). My Mouse and Keyboard have been playing up.

They function fine but the back/forward buttons on the Glaive do nothing at all and the DPI Button does nothing also.

On the K70 LUX RGB the normal keys work fine even the media buttons but the Brightness button and windows lock button do nothing.

The lights work fine on both pieces of hardware.


I have never encountered any software bugs on these products when updating CUE.


Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Ok just found out using the volume scroll produces this problem.. problem will only disappear if I close CUE and open it again and if I don't use the volume scroll. Any way to work around this?

I guess I could use the volume control on my Void instead but I really like the volume scroll on the keyboard.

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