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Bad module(s)


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I have two (2) Corsair Value Select 256 MB, 184 pin, DDR 400 modules in my Intel D865GBF board.

I have been experiencing random BSOD errors for about two weeks or so.

I formatted and re-installed Windows XP SP2 hoping that that would fix the problems. It didn't.

I then ran "Windows Memory Diagnostic v 0.4" overnight last night. It came up with 1001 memory errors, 17 in "WMATS+, 3 in LRAND, and 981 in WINVC.

It could not determine if the errors were in one specific module or both.

I would like to get an RMA number and return both for replacement.

Thank you.


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Please test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org and lets make sure its not some other problem. If you find it's just one module, then please follow the link bellow and we will be happy to replace it. But if you get errors with both modules I would suggest testing the modules in another system.

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Tested each module individually for 8 hrs each with Memtest86+ and came up with zero errors.

Now I am in the position of :

1)Having random BSOD stop errors

2)Having run HDD diagnostic tools which have shown no problems w/HDD (Seagate SATA one month old)

3)Having had re-installed WinXP SP2 to try to resolve the problem

4)Having run Windows Memory Diagnostic tool which found errors

5)Having run Memtest86+ and finding zero errors.

6)Having a less than two month old Antec Sonata w/antec power supply



Is it possible that memory errors might be missed by one tool and discovered by another or is that impossible?

Frankly, I am very suspicious of the memory since it failed the MS Diagnostic.

Thanks for any advice.


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