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CUE frozen lights K70 LUX RGB and GLAIVE RGB

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I recently bought my K70 LUX RGB + GLAIVE RGB + VOID PRO WIRELESS RGB kit. I installed the latest version of CUE and am having problems with keyboard and mouse lighting.


After a certain period of time, I can no longer control the illumination by means of the key on the keyboard. I squeeze her and nothing happens. The same happens with the mouse, I can not change the DPI through it.


This problem only resolves, temporarily, when I close the CUE. If I open the CUE again, after some time, the problem occurs again.


Suggestions? Anyone else going through it?


CUE version: 2.24.35

Windows 10 x64

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I found a way to reproduce the problem:


If I use the keyboard volume scroll, this problem happens. And this is only happening when I use the keyboard scroll! I did the test using the scroll of the headset and the problem did not happen.


Could someone from Corsair speak up?

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Corsair K70 RGB & Corsair Scimitar RGB Yellow

OS: Windows 10 64 Bit with latest Updates


Got the same issue after updating CUE to the latest Version.


Using the Volume Wheel on K70 will immediality lock the Brightness

as well as Mouse RGB stop working. Set Macros in Mouse+Keyboard

will stop working too.


Same issue happens after a while randomly without touching Volume

Wheel. Also Keyboard is showing all of a sudden reverted colors while

booting until CUE is loaded.


- Did reset profiles/removed profiles

- Updated USB Drivers

- Followed like every single advise found on internet


Uninstalling CUE latest version and installing the earlier Version

did not fix it, same behaviour remains.


Keyboard and Mouse are running latest Firmware.


Thank you for looking into this issue.



Forgot to add, closing CUE Software and restarting CUE will fix the issue

for a short while but this is not really a fix rather more annoying.

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